Non-NHS Patient Services

It is now more than 4 years since we have increased our prices for non-NHS patient services but unfortunately with inflation of over 24% over the last four years we have had to increase our prices.

The majority of our patients will not be impacted by these price rises but of the services we do provide the following prices will affect some of our patients:

Firearms/Shotgun Certificate Report - £72 plus VAT

HGV Medicals £98 plus VAT

Thank you for your understanding.

Published on 8th Jul 2024

Prescription Charges To Rise From 1 May 2024

Full details of the new charges from 1 May 2024 can be found on the link below but the key changes are in the table below.
                                                                     Current charge                   Charge from 1 May 2024
Single item                                                            £9.65                                       £9.90
3-month PPC                                                        £31.25                                     £32.05
12-month PPC                                                    £111.60                                   £114.50
HRT PPC                                                              £19.30                                     £19.80
If you pay for your prescriptions and have one perscription every 28 days it is cheaper to apply online for a 12 month PPC.

Published on 10th Apr 2024